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  • How do I make an appointment?
    You can call us on 08 8431 8574 to book an appointment over the phone with one of your reception staff or email us at
  • Do I need to have a Mental Health Care Plan and Referral?
    Yes, you need to have both a mental health care plan and referral if you are looking to see one of our psychologists through Medicare, however if you are looking to pay privately or see Dr Georgina Cheng, Dr Geetha Giri or Dr Angela Okungu you will only require a referral.
  • Where is the practice located?
    Our practice Barrett House is located at 35 Edward Street Norwood SA, with on street carparking and within close proximity from the Webbe Street carpark.
  • How many times can I see a psychologist?
    The amount of sessions permitted through using a mental health care plan is now 10 times per calendar year, ensuring that reviews take place around the 6 session mark which will be instructed through your psychologist and our admin staff.
  • What are consulting prices?
    Each clinician at Barrett House operate under different pricing schemes including standard consulting fees, bulkbilling, work cover, patient assessments and DVA. Our reception staff will be able to assist you via phoning on 8431 8574 regarding costs.
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